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LETTER: Media biased against Christians

Why does the news media promote Islam over Christianity? Why is Islam considered a great religion rather than a pagan religion. They force people to ... Read more

LETTER: Devastated at experience trying to receive unemployment benefits

The COVID-19 pandemic was unexpected for all Americans. I never thought I would have been unemployed for this long. I know I am among many ... Read more

OPINION: There’s power in protest

All across America, people are banding together for what has been called the largest civil rights protest in U.S. history. From coast to coast and hundreds ... Read more

WITT: Americans have right to seek interpretation of constitutionality of laws

According to, an online newsletter of Kentucky events, multiple groups, led by the League of Women Voters of Kentucky, have filed a lawsuit in ... Read more

BRODY: Stepping into the light and out of the darkness

I want to try to explain what light means to me. I sign everything with “LIGHT,” from letters to autographs, and I have done so ... Read more

AT THE LIBRARY: Read ‘The Stranger Diaries’ and ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ in June

First, two PSAs. The library cannot offer notary service for at least the next few weeks. That service cannot be accomplished using safe social distancing. ... Read more

STAMM: Tips for buying local meat

Many people are interested in purchasing local meat because they want to support local farmers and give a boost to their local economy. This year, ... Read more

KOUTOULAS: Fighting the coronavirus ‘infodemic’

This week, the science blog Science Alert published a piece entitled “5 Ways You Can Help Stop The Coronavirus’ Infodemic’ That’s Hurting Everyone.” We’ll get ... Read more

TURNER: Tourism is a wise investment in recovery

We were hit first and hit hardest by the economic impact of the coronavirus. Travel industry losses will exceed any other sector. Nationally, they are ... Read more

CARTER: Don’t stall. Answer the call.

The text alert arrived with a call to action. I needed to verify with my data breach monitoring company that a cable company had my ... Read more

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