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Property transfers for Nov. 16-20

The following property transfers were recorded in the Clark County Clerk’s office Nov. 16-20, 2020.

• Michael Wayne McDonald as executor of Ralph W. McDonald estate to Andrew Royse, 30 Virginia Ave., $136,000.

• Asa R. Sphar III, Donna Cates Sphar and Fifth Third bank as trustee of Lloyd Anne Sphar trust to Marti Renee Miracle and Carl Nathan Miracle, 2375 Cole Road, $25,500.

• Winchester Retirement Place to Marilyn Belcher, 512 Rose Mary Drive, $198,000.

• Carl J. Rowe and Marilyn T. Rowe to Andrew Watkins and Abigail Watkins, 21 Locust Drive, $159,700.

• Norman J. Howard, Carolyn M. Howard, Brett R. Howard, Cindy Howard and Burdit F. Howard to Daniel Watkins and Crystal Watkins, 113 Hood Ave., $118,500.

• James R. Barrier and Nancy H. Barrier to Maria Martinez Lara, 130 Lettie Lane and 470 Water Works Road, $63,500.

• Paul Atchison Jr. and Kay Atchison to Megan R. Florence and Elizabeth C. Florence, 25 Lakeview Drive, $165,000.

• Robbin Hamilton and Judy Hamilton to Steven Ray Noble, 132 Alabama St., $125,000.

• Kentucky Housing Corporation to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 35 E. Lexington Ave., quit claim.

• Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Dennis Estes, 221 W. Broadway ST., $90,000.

• Oggusa Inc. and Gencanna Global USA Inc. to Jennifer Wilson, 16 W. Lexington Ave., $335,000.

• Noelle Page Ramsey, Susannah R. Rose and Robert E. Rose IV to Cassie A. Johnson and Ramsey Tanner Johnson, 260, 670 and 734 Morris Road, $300,000.

• Frank R. Johnson and Janice C. Johnson to Dan E. Balmer, Rhonda F. Balmer and Rhonda Faye Fugett Balmer, 1202 W. Lexington Ave., $102,500.

• George G. Berryman and Susan Berryman to Bobby Dwayne Moore and Zella Frances Moore, 237 Agawam Road, $29,000.

• Nicholes Erwin and Veronica Erwin to James R. Tolle and Jody Kay Tolle, 222 Casa Landa Way, $320,000.

• Christopher Gay to Walcott Properties LLC, 27 Denny Ave., $36,000.

• William Gay 5G LLC to Walcott Properties, 9 Denny Ave. and 12 Oliver St., $74,000.

• William J. Hannan and Sherri Hannan to Joel Philip Southall and Hannah Morrow Southall, 24 Fontaine Blvd., $325,000.