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Hall: ‘Missing’ church can lead to skipping church

I want to begin with some gratitude to Pastor Dick Van Huss and his wonderful family. God was gracious enough to introduce Pastor Van Huss and his family to us many years ago. We developed a great friendship that we value to this day.
His church is the Assembly of God on Iron Works Road, or Ky. 15.  I am grateful today because he allowed me to use the words on his church sign for this writing.
I pass by his church all the time, unless I’m out of town.
I live several miles down Iron Works Road several miles. Many times, while passing by, I whisper, “God Bless Pastor Van Huss” and I always read the message on his church’s sign.  His current message really caught my attention.
“The problem with “missing” church is that eventually you won’t.”

I kept glancing at their sign each time I passed by.  Then, it hit me. Uh huh, got it – If you miss church, you will in time stop “missing” for good.
After a while you won’t even miss – missing. For years, most churches and denominations have been seeing decline. Not that people stop believing in God, but that they are losing their passion for worship and fellowship.

For years, the statistics are brutal: one-third of Christians are missing. The Bible compels us — forsake not the assembly of yourselves together. This is God’s Kingdom. Let all of us rekindle the flame of fire that God’s Kingdom produces. Everyone can have the gift of passion; but if it is unused, it will burn out.

Then we have the COVID-19 disaster ongoing in our world. The estimates are 33 to 40 percent of current churches in the United States will not open their doors for the King of Glory to come in – ever again.
However, “The problem with ‘missing’ church is that eventually you won’t even miss it.”
So let us come on to church — even lead the way. I pray that you MISS your religious services every time you aren’t present.
Remember, “If you are not careful, the problem with ‘missing’ church is that eventually you won’t ‘miss church.’”
It will not only be in the big towns… Come on church folks. Stop missing church.  You go everywhere else you need to, or want to. Let church be on top of your list.

Tom Hall is pastor of Church of the Living God.