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Updating reasons to be thankful

Thanksgiving is a special time for family, fellowship and, hopefully, reflection.

Somewhere amidst the turkey, savory side dishes, exquisite desserts, it can easy to overlook or forget about the “giving thanks” part of the holiday.

It is so easy to get caught up in our daily lives, we take for granted so many things that truly shouldn’t be overlooked, the things we live and work for every day.

Everyone has reasons for which they can be thankful, although they may not always be as obvious.

I started this list many years ago and keep adding to it. I try to share it in print each and every year as a way to force me to reflect on all the things which I have to be thankful and also hopefully to inspire someone else to do some soul searching as well.

So, here is the 2018 version of my reasons to give thanks:

 — I am thankful for God and the always-amazing journey of life on this Earth.

— I am thankful to my parents for raising me right and instilling the values that help me always strive to do the right thing and be a better person.

— I am thankful for my amazing and supportive wife who puts up with a lot and to whom I owe much of any success I have achieved personally and professionally.

— I am thankful for my two wonderful daughters who never fail to keep me on my toes, offer undeniable truths and put everything in perspective when I am having a bad day.

— I am thankful for the opportunity to “come home” two years ago and join some great communities in Central Kentucky.

— I am thankful for some great co-workers at The Winchester Sun who put their heart and soul into making the best newspapers possible and serving our readers.

— I am thankful for the vision of our founding fathers, men who developed a system of government built on freedoms that has made America the greatest country in the world.

— I am thankful for all the men and women who have served, or are currently serving, in the military to defend the freedoms we hold so dear but often take for granted.

 — I am thankful for all the great friends I have made over the years.

— I am thankful for the amazing educators who help shape my children, giving selflessly to the development of our youth.

— I am thankful for the business and community leaders who make many sacrifices to create a better place to live. That goes for all the men and women who volunteer to give back to the community and expect nothing in return.

— I am thankful that, once a year, we can put a giant turkey on the table and eat until we can barely move. Millions of people, including many right here in Central Kentucky, are not that fortunate. I am thankful for all the amazing people who never forget about helping those in need.

— I am thankful that, despite the seriousness of the world, I can still find ways to laugh.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers. Hope you had a joyous day filled with food, family and fellowship, with a little time carved out for reflection on all the reasons to give thanks.

Michael Caldwell is publisher of The Winchester Sun and Winchester Living magazine. He can be reached at 759-0095 or by email at

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